Catching Tarpon

A ‘game’ or ‘trophy’ fish, Tarpon can’t be removed from the water

Catching Tarpon

Size and weight: Juvenile Atlantic Tarpon range from 26″ and go up to 60″. They weigh from 10 lbs. to 165 lbs.

General Info

A ‘bucket list’ fish for experienced anglers, Atlantic Tarpon are an aggressive and exciting fish to catch. With an unusual physiology that includes taking gulps of air for a burst of energy, they can take up to an hour to boat-side the fish (not land into boat). This is a fish you can’t take out of the water, because it’s a monitored and well-controlled game fish. Touching can hurt them. 


Time of year: Active May through July.

Location: Tarpon like inlets, lots of running or moving water.

Time of Tide: Like to bite early morning until mid-day, particularly during a ‘hill tide’.


Bait: Fiddler crabs and cut bait – greenbacks, shrimp, lady fish.

Method: Reel and rod, with appropriate tackle.

Cooking Tarpon

Tarpon are a game fish, and should not be captured or killed or cooked.

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