Winter Fishing In The Tampa Bay

Winter fishing doesn’t mean what you think it means – not in Florida. Off-season offers particular opportunities for both anglers and amateurs

Nothing Against Yanks But We Know Where We'd Rather Be Winter Fishing

A Google search might mislead you about the appeal of winter fishing in the Tampa Bay. 

The weather is nice this time of year, because it’s cooler. Captains don’t have to deal with high winds or storms. This makes for a more relaxed fishing experience where heat exposure is reduced and energy endurance doesn’t need to be as great. 

Captains have to be careful about shallows because of negative tides, but otherwise it’s a great time. 

Rates are the same for many charters, but there are fewer fishermen, so it’s easier to catch certain fish. Sheepshead and snapper fishing in winter is a good bet!


Winter Isn't 'Winter' In Tampa Bay Florida

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