Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Trips last either 4 or 6 hours. 

Trips start at either 8 am, or 1 pm.

North Side of the Bay (Tampa)

Hula Bay; Fourth Street; Dandy Blvd.

South Tampa

O’Neal’s Marina 

East Side 

Apollo Beach; Simmons Park; Hook And Cooks; Cockroach Bay Boat Route

From Simmons Park to Terricia Bay, across to Fort DeSoto, then into North Tampa. 

Hulla Bay or Dandy Boat Ramp, up into flats, into Courtney Campbell Causeway, and head back.

  • Pick up
  • Music (when appropriate)
  • Rods for 5
  • Seating for 10
  • Drinks, water, snacks
  • Cleaning and bagging fish in ice
  • Photos of every catch
  • Details on how to cook
  • Drop off

Everyone from anglers (professional fishermen) to couples seeking a romantic day on the water book trips. We see a lot of families, professionals seeking an alternative to golf outings, and tourists looking to do something memorable and different on their trip. 

While we can’t promise, we can come just shy of that. We greatly increase our chances of catching a given species by knowing where they go, when, and what kind of bait they like – and we know these things!

Yes to both.

Yes. Click the menu link. 

Cost varies depending on season and party size. Our rates are competitive. Contact Captain Gavin for a quote.

Captain Gavin O’Neal has 30 years’ experience fishing.

Yes, for some fish. With sheep head you’re allowed 8 fish per person. With snapper, you are allowed 5 fish per person. Otherwise, no.

2020 Key West 250 BR.

We have seating for 10, and rods for 5 people. 

Yes. Fish are ‘struck’ and cleaned. Captain Gavin doesn’t degut or de-blood fish because it releases toxins and gasses that cause the fish to decompose faster, and which spoil the flavor. Charters are given their fish in a bag, on ice, at the end of the charter.

  • Before the charter. The client books a trip through the website or by calling the Captain. That reservation involves selecting a pickup location and time.
  • Day of the charter. The Captain’s day starts early with chumming, as he catches live bait.
  • The Captain then goes to pickup location at the designated time.
  • Fishing usually starts within 20 minutes after pickup.
  • The charter is hands-on. Rods and reels, bait, knot-tying, advice are privided. The Captain offers information on what you’re doing.
  • After the charter ends. The balance of payment is paid by the client. This can be Square, cash, and most peer-to-peer forms of payment. 

Dress appropriately for the season, and consider that temperatures may change. 

During the summer a backup set of dry clothes is less important – since you will dry out if you get wet. 

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