Before You Book Any Fishing Charter

  1. Check the captain’s background. Much information can be gotten through social networks (reputation through referrals, or online review sites). 
  2. Confirm licensing and insurance. How many clients does their license cover? What is the limit of fish per season?
  3. Review their website. Do you see effort? Evidence of successful catchers? Is the kind of boat and equipment they use there? Is their contact information right there – front and center? 
  4. Reach out by telephone. Talk to your captain. Ask whether the captain is experienced fishing in the area you wish to go. A captain new to the waters you intend to enter will be a crucial factor. Ask whether the captain is experienced fishing for the type of fish you seek. 
  5. Determine the value of service provided for the cost. This means asking about the charter rates and what they provide. A charter without a mister on a 105-degree day will be an issue. A charter with seating for five will be a problem for your 8-person plans. Coolers, seating, music, snacks, and drinks aren’t on every boat! Do your diligence. 

Before you book your charter, ask what happens in the event of a cancellation – whether you get a refund on your deposit, and if so, when is the latest you can cancel.

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