Captain Gavin’s Surprising Charter Fishing Facts

  1. How fish tastes is determined by what they eat. Diet, including trash, and predators impact the pH and hormones of a fish, impacting the flavor. Some gather deeper, and some are nearer to the surface. Some are bottom feeders; some aren’t. Some eat garbage. Generally, the deeper the water and the fresher the diet, the better the fish. 
  2. Captain Gavin cleans and puts fish on ice; but does not de-gut or de-blood the fish (getting into the stomach) because it releases toxins and gasses, which impact the flavor and health of the meat. The fish spoils quicker when gutted and don’t cook or eat as well. Instead, the fish are preserved on ice. A cold fish is also easier to clean! 
  3. Any fish can be grilled (slowly), but generally, the better-tasting a fish is naturally, the less destructive the cooking method you want to use. Grilling and frying are more destructive than baking or sauteing fish. Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Sheep Head and Snapper are finer or more ‘upscale’ fish and, therefore, often sautéed or baked.
  4. One fishing outing can provide protein and fish entrees for weeks. At $30 an lb., a few 30-lb fish pay for their charter! Fish is also keto, low-carb, and paleo-diet-friendly. With Omega III fatty acids, fish meat is excellent for your brain and heart! 
  5. If you want to catch quality fish, Captain Gavin recommends fresh bait, which instinctively draws many fish species. Artificial bait will limit where you can fish and, therefore, what kind of fish you can catch. In terms of the tide and flats, you can’t get where you want – unless you have a skinny boat (shallow draft). Artificial lures work in deep water, where they are suspended. 
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